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 DreamTrek by KB Schaller

FINALIST!!! Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Tulsa Book Review says that DreamTrek “…digs into…how complicated it can be to forgive and be forgiven…”

“…mesmerizing and expertly crafted…” Lee G., 5-Star Amazon reviewer

…first novel I’ve read by this author, but not my last.”, Harold S., 5-Star Amazon Reviewer

Kirkus Reviews calls it: “…clear, engaging prose…incisive and compassionate…subplots are equally well-crafted.”

Continuing where Gray Rainbow Journey ends, Sackcloth Moon plunges the reader deeper into Dina’s dreams and spiritual conflicts. A love story as well as a mystery- suspense, the reader is taken down paths of the mysterious and mystical as Dina wavers between two faiths that oppose each other, and her love for two powerful and very different men. Click here for our official website Dina’s struggles to reconcile her Christian (Jesus Way) faith with the traditional Spiritual beliefs of her culture, author KB Schaller states have a separate article, “The message of Dina’s new faith is the same, that of belief, repentance, love and forgiveness; the delivery of it within the pages of Sackcloth Moon, one must sort out as Dina struggles between two worlds, two systems of belief and the excruciating choices she must make.”

As one reader states, “Sackcloth Moon shows the yanking pressures Christianity places on Indian traditions and culture.”



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